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We get it. Buying a home in the Chicago, Illinois area can seem daunting. We are here to help you every step of the way. Follow our simple steps to make the buying process easier, quick, and effective.


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Mortgage Pre-Approval

Have your mortgage financing ready before you visit potential homes. Get pre-approved from a mortgage banker to avoid missing out on a home you fall in love with. Plus, many homeowners are unwilling to show their homes without a pre-approval letter.

Not sure if you’re ready yet? No problem! Me and my mortgage banker will work with you one-on-one to develop a unique buying timeline that works with you, your lifestyle, and your budget. 

What do you need to get pre-approved for a mortgage? Start gathering the items below. Mortgage bankers will want you to have the following financial information.

1. Tax Returns – previous 2 years
2. One-month recent pay stub
3. Two-months of bank statements


Visit Homes

We go house hunting throughout the Chicago, Illinois area together. But before we visit potential properties, we will develop a game plan according to your needs and the current market conditions. Our mottos is “You make all the decisions and we are here to help you navigate the Chicago, Illinois real estate buying process.”


Identify "The One"

We have a unique system to help buyers determine if a home is “the one.” Our goal is to help you make an informed, well-thought-out, and educated decisions. At the showings, I’ll ask you a series of questions that will allow you to make your next move. You will also rate the homes to help you narrow down to your top 3 picks and then to “The One”. Your feedback during and after the showings will help you determine which home is best. Our system works.


Make An Offer

Residential real estate prices can fluctuate especially in this fast moving market. Most areas are experiencing multiple offers and highest and best situations. We will help you understand the local market conditions so that you can formulate the best offer with the best price and terms. This takes communication and asking the right questions to the sellers agent before we submit an offer. Expect a buyers comparative market analysts (CMA) from us and we suggest your lender run a mortgage analysis so you can see the numbers. Taking these steps will allow you to give your best offer first. We will have one shot in this market! 



It’s our job to get you the best deal. As a negotiation expert, I work with you and act on your behalf to come to a fair agreement with the seller. There is a lot of communicating, question asking, and information gathering during negotiations. This will help you make decisions.  


Counter Offer

If the seller is dissatisfied with our initial offer, they’ll typically provide a counteroffer that you can accept or decline or counter back with new terms. 


Accepted Offer

Once all parties are satisfied, the seller will accept your offer, or you will accept their counteroffer. You will then sign the final agreed contract and we submit the contract to your mortgage banker and real estate attorney. 


Attorney Review & Inspection

After the contract is fully executed, the attorney review period starts.  A typical attorney review lasts for five business days starting from the date the contact was signed with the seller. Buyers also have the opportunity to hire a personal home inspector within the first three business days. We highly encourage that you do this step. 

The home inspection can cost  between $350 to $600 yet brings you a peace of mind and/or further round of negotiations. The personal home inspection will list any problems found within the house. You’ll discuss with your real estate attorney how you would like to proceed. You may move forward with the purchase, cancel the purchase, ask for credits, or make requests.


Repair Requests or Credits

Most residential real estate transactions undergo a second round of negotiations for repairs or credits after the personal home inspection. These essentially lower the selling price. The seller will either repair damages themselves or give you closing cost credit to repair yourself once you own the home.


Title Work

Title work ensures that the title is clean when it is passed on from the seller to the new buyer. A title company will research your title for you.



This is a professional opinion of value from a licensed State of Illinois Appraiser. The bank will order the appraisal on your behalf. Expect to pay anywhere between $400-600. The bank performs an appraisal to determine the fair market value compared to the purchase price of the property. 


Clear to Close

Closing steps start to happen only when a clear to close comes from the mortgage lender.  Soon after the attorney will schedule the closing and provide you the final figures with the help from the mortgage banker. There is a lot of coordinating involved as there are multiple parties to schedule. Once all in agreement a closing confirmation will be provided with the amount needed to take too closing.   



We will visit the property one day before closing. During the walkthrough, we will go through the property together. We ensure there are no new damages and that the property is in the condition in which you agreed to buy it.



Closing is the final step in executing a real estate transaction. The ownership of the property will be transferred to the new buyer. Closing occurs at a title company and expect the closing to take up-to  3 hours. Your real estate attorney will be present to help you with the the legal paperwork and closing process. After signing all the paperwork you wait for items to get processed and funds to wire. 

And soon after… 

Congratulations! You’re now a homeowner in the State of Illinois! Now comes the fun part, turning your new house into a home.

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